At Family Visits, Inc., we are confident that we employ the most professional Supervisors, generate the most thorough, prompt Observation Reports, and offer the most competitive prices.

What is Supervised Visitation?
Supervised visitation is the observed interaction between the visiting parent and child by a neutral third party for a specified amount of time. Supervised visits allow parents in high conflict or high risk situations to spend time with their child in a safe supervised environment.
Where do supervised visits take place?
Our supervisors work off site. Supervised visits can take place in a park, zoo, entertainment establishments such as Chuck E Cheese’s or a bowling alley. If allowed, the visits can also take place in the home of the visiting parents.
What do supervisors do?
Supervisors observe and monitor the interactions throughout the visit to ensure that conversations and activities are age appropriate and safe for the child both emotionally and physically. A supervisor will redirect a parent if the conversation entails adult issues or is of a topic that should be discussed in therapy. Although the supervisor is licensed, a supervised visit is not a therapy session. A supervisor will redirect the child, if needed. The parent is responsible for the child’s behavior and is expected to intervene if the child becomes unruly.
What is the intake process like?

An intake package will be sent to both parents.

Upon receipt of both packages, a phone interview will be conducted individually to see if the case is appropriate for Family Visits Inc. All forms are confidential and information is not shared between parents.

If the case is appropriate, a visit will be scheduled. Family Visits Inc. will try to work with the time frame dictated by the court order but can’t guarantee the availability of a supervisor for the specific day or time. Supervisors are assigned on a first come first served basis. Visitation date, time and logistics will be determined and shared with the custodial parent. If the location or time is disputed, the parents or their lawyers will have resolve it.

What should I expect from the supervisor?
Family Visits Inc. is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN). Raquel Rodriguez, CEO, has completed the SVN 24-Hour Formal Certificate Training Program. Supervisors are expected to follow the SVN Code of Values and Code of Ethics. You should expect RESPECT, INTEGRITY, ETHICAL BEHAVIOR and EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE, regardless of the accusations or allegations.