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Giving children the opportunity to maintain strong, nurturing relationships with their non-custodial parent in a comfortable environment.

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About Family Visits

Family Visits, Inc.

Family Visits, Inc. gives children the opportunity to maintain strong, nurturing relationships with their non-custodial parent in a comfortable environment. With the increasing number of child welfare concerns in custody cases, Judges are more inclined to order supervised visitation between non-custodial parents and their children.

Family Visits, Inc. is ideal for families with a history of: Domestic Violence; Substance Abuse; Psychiatric Disorders; Chronic Instability; Child Abuse/Neglect; Abduction Threats; Pending Criminal or Social Services Investigations; Parental Alienation/Coaching; Estrangement of Parent and Child. Your confidentiality is important to us. Our supervisors are neutral parties. You can expect RESPECT, INTEGRITY, ETHICAL BEHAVIOR and EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE, regardless of the accusations or allegations. We offer flexible hours and meeting locations to meet your specific needs.

Supervised Services –
Professional Supervision is all we do!


 What sets us apart? No volunteers! All of our Supervisors have professional diverse work backgrounds which include work in Human Services, Social Work, Psychology, Medical Social Work, Family Therapy, Substance Abuse, and Child Welfare. Many of our supervisors have firsthand experience working for the Georgia Department Family of and Children Services
We are in the community.
Family Visits provides services to the Metro Atlanta area and it’s neighboring counties including:
Cobb, Douglas, Paulding, Cherokee, Alpharetta, Forsyth, Fayetteville, Newnan, Gwinnett. 


Locations we frequent during visits include:

We are open to suggestions. Please let us know if you have somewhere else in mind.


Mommy and Me classes
Catch Air
Chuck E Cheese


Puppet Shows
Children’s Museum


Sky Zone
GA Aquarium
Pottery Places


I Fly
Stars and Strikes Main Event
I have to, once again, thank you and compliment you and your team – Meyuna was so incredibly lovely and warm and kind. She was just so incredibly wonderful and I do hope we will see her again! Every single supervisor I have met through you all has been just outstanding – what a wonderful team you all are!

Thank you, Raquel. And thank you for all you and your staff have done for this family these past several months… just wanted you to know that you and those who work for you make a real difference in all of these families’ lives. You are such an asset to them. Have a great day.

I appreciate the reports and your supervisors are very professional. It was a good experience. Thank you.


I cannot express how grateful we are for helping us with our situation. You have made our lives easier.

Thank you again for your help. In the most challenging times of my life, you guys are my angels.